Statement Minister Dr. Ziga Turk

anlässlich der Pressekonferenz „creative industries on stage“ am 4. Dezember 2007 in der Urania Wien

"Creativity of the European talents is just as important as innovation for the future prosperity of Europe. Creativity goes beyond the creative industries, it means thinking out of the box, doing bold new things differently, breathing the meaning and values into products, based on our cultural and ethical background.

I would like to see the updated Lisbon strategy also to address these softer issues, I would like it to be brought closer to the people and entrepreneurs, because there, and not in rigid government institutions, is the greatest potential to make Europe a more dynamic economy, perfectly fit to the challenge of the Asian economies.

Creativity, innovation, dynamic entrepreneurship, raising, attracting and retaining talents and approaching the energy and climate change issue as income opportunity and not cost problem are high on the agenda of the Slovenian presidency."

Minister Dr. Ziga Turk

Minister without Portfolio responsible for coordination and monitoring of the implementation of Slovenia 's Development Strategy and the economic and social reforms

Dr Ziga Turk was born in Ljubljana on 4 February 1962. He holds a PhD in technical sciences, an MSc in computer science, and a BSc in civil engineering.
He is a professor at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, he has been a guest lecturer at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Istanbul Technical University and the University of Zagreb.

Minister Turk reviews national research projects for Austria and Finland. He regularly reviews scientific articles for several international magazines and sits on the planning committees of most international events in his field. He is the co-founder and co-editor of the international scientific magazine ‘ITcon’. Minister Turk has been participating in European research programmes since 1994, and has coordinated two projects worth several million euros.

The wider public knows him as the initiator and expert editor of the magazine on microcomputers 'Moj mikro' (1984-87). He was one of the pioneers in introducing the internet to Slovenia, and developed several applications which have earned him international acclaim..

Dr Ziga Turk has collaborated in the drafting of National Research and Development Programme for the period 2006-2010 and the strategy of target research projects. He has been a member of the group for tax reform with the reform Committee. He is a member of the Scientific Council at the Slovenia Research Agency and Vice-President of the Strategic Council for Culture, Education and Science.

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